Friday, August 14, 2009

Word Thursday: two words! (three?)

Two words today.

1. to get or seek by begging or scrounging
2. beg or scrounge

~ The Canadian Oxford

A thoroughly Victorian sounding word, to my untrained ear, but I'm sure I've run across it many times in literature. I'm getting ready to move back to London (ON) for the new semester, and I've been contemplating cadging necessary items from here and there in preparation. Somehow calling it "cadging" makes it seem uncouth and disreputable, but I prefer to think of it as recycling and reusing what might otherwise collect dust. ;)

Stuffiness or fustiness* of the air in a room.
~ The Canadian Oxford

Stale, humid, and stuffy atmosphere, as in a crowded, poorly ventilated room.~

Of course, being the Canadian Oxford, the dictionary prefaces the definition with "esp. Brit." I picked this for the second word this week because when this one showed up on Wordsmith the other day I thought it discribed current conditions aptly: I was sitting in a cubicle at the time. While the building I work in is rather air-conditioned as office buildings are these days, sometimes the atmosphere in the cubicle gets stuffy and airless. Especially in the last few days, when summer finally arrived with 30 degree heat and sunshine and humidity! I'm loving it, to be honest, since summer so far has been rather lacking in sunshine, though humidity is not my favourite thing. Still, I'm trying not to be a hypocrite that complains about all kinds of weather, hot or cold, and I'm reveling in the sun although it likes to burn me.

All that said, I doubt I'll ever use this word since its other meaning is much more prevalent in pop-culture today, and I would probably be misunderstood.

*A third word learned this week, totally by accident!

1. Stale-smelling, musty, mouldy; 2. stuffy, close; 3. antiquated, old-fashioned. ~Canadian Oxford


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