Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall Twist and what it did to my queue

I'm getting ready to move back to London, ON - at least getting my head prepared by making lots of lists. Of course my ravelry queue is my most engaging list at the moment, since it consists of many dreams and few ties to reality. Deciding what yarn to bring and which projects lay in the near future is obviously the most important part of moving... :P (and fodder for a few more blog posts.)

Every new Twist Collective brings excitement, even though I haven't yet knit anything from the magazine. This fall, I plan to make Vivian because I freaking love it; despite cool things in this new issue, Vivian is likely to be my first Twist purchase.

Here are some thoughts on the Twist anniversary issue.

Socks. I like them all! Especially Sottopassagio.
Vine Yoke Cardigan: Um. It's by Ysolda Teague. Need I say more? Heh. Queued in a priority position.
Vaganova: I really like this. In the right yarn it would be an excellent replacement for one of my store-bought turtle-neck sweaters I wear all the time in winter. Queue priority, maybe even for this winter.
Argyle Jacket: This is a really fun idea. I don't like the colour combination in the original so much, but this goes in my queue as a possibility.
Mimico vest: Queued. Honestly, I probably won't make this any time soon, but I have a vest obsession and am nurturing a colourwork obsession.
Piper and M'gonigle: Cute. I have so many hats queued up already, but I might actually have yarn in hand for Piper. Hmmm...
Sea grass scarf: I don't see myself knitting a scarf this fall / winter, but if I do maybe it will be this one.

The damage isn't so dire this time around. I got a little tired of the Bus Stop story, looking at all the models in profile while they craned to see the bus... Cute idea, but could have been executed with more variety. There are a few designs in the magazine that I like but don't think I'd ever have the occasion to make (eg Urbanit - no man in my life would wear this, but it's still cool to look at). And Luminen is really pretty, but I'd probably leave off the snowflakes on the butt. Novak is cute, but I don't think I'd ever get the chance to make it. Lorelei has neat-looking lace also, but wouldn't be a priority for me.

Chugging away at Decimal. Onto the second sleeve and hoping to finish by the end of August. Can I make it?


  1. I love Vaganova. Wish it came in my size, if it did, it'd totally be top of the queue. I'm heavily considering Novak, since it actually comes big enough for me, but I'm not sure at this point. Amusingly, this might be the first Ysolda pattern I'm not sold on. Doesn't help that I'm far too bust and round for yoke patterns in general, this one in particular being a great example of "what not to wear" for my body type! :P I am in love with Vivian though, and desperately wish I was smaller, and had a waistline so I could make it for myself!

  2. Yeah, the yoke isn't for everyone. Novak would be awesome! Totally go for it :)