Sunday, July 12, 2009

Festival addict

I went to Jazzfest nearly every night when it was on for two weeks in June. It was exhausting but I really got into the rhythm of working all day and sitting outside listening to jazz all night. Even when it was pouring; we got a good system worked out hiding underneath large ponchos... And when it was over, rather than being relieved I was already looking for the next excuse to spend the night listening to music outdoors.

I didn't get a pass for Bluesfest, but I went on Thursday night specifically to see Iron and Wine, and I was not disappointed. Sam Beam didn't have a band with him, but he didn't need one. I thought I'd miss it, since I love the recorded arrangements, but it was just brilliant. Gush gush. He played a variety of songs from various albums, which I loved.

The stage he played on faced the river and a gorgeous orange sunset that I stole glances at during the show. For once the weather cooperated, but it's back to pouring rain today.

In the spirit of reliving Thursday night's awesomeness, here are some youtube clips of Iron and Wine. (not mine and not from the Ottawa show).


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