Saturday, September 13, 2008

More body dilemmas

Musing on two sweaters I suddenly want to make: February Lady Sweater, and Snow White.

Problems, as I see them: FLS is loose and not fitted. I'm not beanpole skinny, and I fear that this shape would make me look bulky. Snow White is certainly fitted (possibly too much so?), but what worries me is the square-ish neckline. Somewhere I picked up the idea that I can't wear square necklines. I can't remember why. Maybe it has something to do with my face shape, or my broad shoulders.

The fact that I can't remember the reasoning and yet cling to the directive probably points to the total irrationality of some of my fashion hangups. I'm a little obsessed with the idea that everything I knit must have waist shaping, although why is not exactly clear. I think I need to take a leap into the untried and see what happens - I want to reject preconceived and perpetuated media/cultural ideas of proper body shape and emphasis and just do what I want.

And yet, I know I'll be very disappointed and discouraged if I make a sweater that turns out to be entirely unsuitable. So I stay safe, even if I shouldn't.

In less hypothetical news, Liesl is chugging along nicely. I've finished the body section, and once I acquire 7mm dpns I'll do the sleeves. Next task: find perfect buttons.


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