Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Monogamous knitting does not make for stimulating blogging, especially if one knits as slowly as I do. I realized today that only one of the blog posts visible on the page contains any knitting content. Granted, I never claimed this was a knit blog, but that's where I was aiming in some ways.

And I haven't been entirely monogamous either; I've been plodding away at the vest for ages, but I also made some socks and some lemons in that time. Still, I have mostly focused on the vest, whose constant stockinette stitch began to grate on my nerves.

Never fear, gentle readers! (assuming I have any, which I realize is a big assumption to make, but I'll go on for the sake of pretentious blogging), my biggest project since the sweater will go live shortly. The end is in sight! Yesterday I joined the shoulders and seamed the sides, after blocking it a little - something I rarely do, though I realize that I often should. I hope to have the vest completely finished before the weekend, and I've been refraining from taking pictures of it until it's done; while I'm quite pleased with it so far, without neck and arm ribbing it looks pretty rough.

I still have loads of charcoal basement yarn left, so it's not done with me yet...


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