Monday, July 14, 2008


I don't want to forget how beautiful everything was last night. At the cottage, the sunset was incredible. I took a billion ill-executed photos; I knew none of them would do the scene justice, but I had to try. Pink and orange mixing in a way that is only acceptable in the sky - it lit up the whole horizon, sending a pink fog over the lake, and reflecting back on us from our windows. The green surrounding the house turned dark, but still recognizably green, while the trees and hills turned to silhouettes. I am a sucker for silhouettes. After a few minutes of brilliant show, the sun dropped out of sight.


Driving home next to the lake I saw intervals of yellow when we passed breaks in the trees. Yellow into white against steel gray clouds and black trees, reflecting off the lake, highlighting the islands and the old logs sticking out of the water.

Past the lake, the sky was still somehow luminous behind the blue-gray clouds; fields with bales of hay interrupted the darkness, still barely green.

And then the moon peeked out in classic fashion, obscured occasionally by thick cloud, and lighting up that surrounding it with white light. Not a full moon, but a romantic moon nonetheless.

Last night was so beautiful. Nights like that overwhelm me. They make me serenely happy. I feel in love with the world, and completely awed by nature, all hippy and sentimental about life and humanity and trees and rocks and rocks and trees and sky. I find myself (cornily) wishing I could share this view and this feeling with everyone alive or dead.

More photos here


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