Wednesday, June 04, 2008

the weekly pre-essay ramble

I have another essay due this evening, so it's time for some daydreaming and speculation. The gray weather lately hasn't helped, although perhaps logic says gray days are best for essays - gray days are also good for knitting and thinking about knitting.

Felted bags have been appealing to me lately. The Stitch and Bitch Nation "Letter Have It" bag has been at the back of my mind for a while since it is one of the few knitting books I own. Since my first initial in lowercase is rather dull I was thinking of doing a question mark. Pretending to be enigmatic, you know.

The other bag I love at the moment is Jennifer Tallapaneni's Celtic tote. I'm a sucker for Celtic knotwork, or any knotwork really. Love.

Problems with me knitting either or both of these bags: I've never enjoyed transfering all my crap from one stylish bag to the next. I have a medium sized black MEC purse that I use all the time when I'm not using my old backpack that I've had since grade 4. You heard me. This backpack has seen me through elementary school, high school, and now university. It is a great size - not so big that I filled it to back-breaking weights back when I took courses that required textbooks and had to climb several flights of stairs to get to my locker. I joked that I'd get a new pack for grad school, but who knows - it has been around for so long that it seems silly to abandon it now when it hasn't entirely disintegrated yet.

True, it is getting a little shabby, but other than some minor repairs over the years it has held up pretty well. The leather on the bottom has torn in a few places, and I keep saying I'll fix it (I will! This bag has more years in it!), but I haven't yet.

Anyway, totes aren't really my thing - I prefer to have the weight distributed on both shoulders, or I prefer long purse straps that cross over my chest for stability. Practicality aside, those bags look great, though.


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