Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Knitty

I don't really get summer knitting. This largely has to do with the climate my region experiences. Cold winters, hot summers. It was ~35 degrees Celsius the other day, with oppressive, breezeless humidity. Definitely not knitting weather. (Says the girl who is currently knitting a wool-alpaca sweater vest. Snort.) While this kind of weather is not constant, it is not unheard of. Knitting halter tops or sleeveless sweaters is generally not practical, however light the yarn. That doesn't stop me from admiring summer knitting designs I'll probably never make. But! This summer's Knitty has several things I like a lot and might even just make some day. Pretty exciting.

Then again, there are always socks. I'll totally make socks in the summer, once I get some real sock yarn, and preferably not straight up wool. Speaking of socks, I like Spring Forward. And Ziggy. Knitty is full of zigzags this issue. How whimsical! Yay.

I actually really like Shetland Shorty, though I'm not sure if I could wear it myself. I'm in shrug-finding mode without knowing if I can pull of shrugs of any kind, especially those with ties in front and boob-holding capacity. But I do really like this - I would like to add long or 3/4 sleeves. I'm sure those kinds of mods are possible. Maybe I'll try it! This wouldn't really hide me from the sun, being all shot through with holes, but it's pretty anyway.

I also like Seascape. I am planning to get into lace a little more in the future, but I don't know if I'd ever use a shawl or wrap. Still, I love the pattern. I'm not totally into triangular shawls with lots of points yet, though I'm warming to them; this lace pattern is automatically more appealing to me.

Couvercle is very cute, but again something I don't know if I could pull off. It might be a bit too trendy for me. I wear hats when it is cold to keep my head warm, and when it is sunny to keep the sun off my pasty pasty skin. Plus, although it is cotton it looks like it might be too warm for summer. Maybe it would work for fall. I keep talking myself out of trying a newsie cap or any sort of vaguely stylish but less practical hat... but perhaps I should ignore my misgivings and try something out of my comfort zone. (Do I even have a comfort zone? Hmmm.)

Lastly, as relates to my odd tote-attraction, there is BYOB. It appeals to me. We have dozens of canvas bags, but this would not be an unwelcome addition to our shopping bag collection. I hazard. Stylish. Possibly TOO stylish. It would need longer handles to be useful to me, but I expect that is doable. I worry about stretching in the handles because it seems to be the thing to worry about with knitted bags, but I'm sure there are plenty of solutions for that, too.

On the home-knitting front, I haven't touched the vest in a week. It will get done, but I'm not in a hurry. Bo-ring.


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