Sunday, June 15, 2008

Knitting in public and Octopi

Today I knit it public. It was my first knitting meet-up of any kind. I'm a bit antisocial. I plan on attending local knit nights in the future. Maybe. Sort of. Eventually. Knowing me I'll never get around to it. This time a friend and I showed up together. Anyway, it was fun and cool to meet other knitters. The weather wasn't stellar and kept changing its mind. We ended up knitting in Bridgehead, but apparently some others did stick it out in a park. Whatever, spreading the public knitting love is all good. We probably got some quizzical looks, though I wasn't really paying attention so I can't say for sure. A woman told us we were cute, though, and asked if we had a particular cause we were knitting for. I worked on my long-suffering vest more today than I have in weeks. Good thing I'm not in a hurry, since I can't possibly use it until fall.

Instead, I have been working on this:

Okay, so I'm largely self-taught at embroidery, and I made quite a few misguided decisions in this creature, but I like it anyway. It doesn't look as furry as I was afraid it would, so that's cool. Yay for hairless octopi. The picture doesn't get the colours right even with significant photoshop tweaking: most of the octopus is bright, intense blue, while three of the tentacles are more periwinkle (meant to be peeking out from behind). Fun, learning experience, now I have some awesome long shorts just in time for my trip to England. Yay.

I also made a pear-rhubarb crisp and went to a chamber music concert. Busy busy busy. Tomorrow: packing, finishing an essay, and trying not to jitter myself to death from giddiness. England! Soon! So excited.


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