Saturday, April 05, 2008


The internet is not being too good to me right now, so it's time for an angry rant. I'm excessively annoyed at the prospect of phoning First Great Western long distance in order to get them to sort out my stupid credit card situation, since I know they'll put me on hold for ages and it will cost a fortune, and they'll probably deny I exist or that I ever tried to purchase a ticket from them.

The facts are these:
Last night I tried to buy a train ticket off their website for my coming visit to England. I filled out all the details and pressed submit, and my authorization was declined. Annoyed and freaking out a little I called my credit card company who said there was nothing wrong with my card, and no charges had appeared, so I should try again. I tried again. The authorization was again declined and I called them back in a growing panic. This time, they said that the authorization had certainly gone through on their end, so this was clearly the merchant's problem. And, as it turns out, my problem since the authorization went through four times, meaning there's a possibility I'd be charged four times for this one train ticket that I still didn't succeed in buying. The nice folks at the credit card company said they'd cancel all but one of those authorizations so I don't get overcharged, but they told me to phone the merchant and sort it out with them. Last night when I tried to called them they were closed, so I sent them some emails that I was supposed to get replies for within 12 hours. Nothing. Now I think I really do need to call them but how much do I not want to do that right now. Ugh. For one thing, I'm going mad writing my last paper for which I had 3 out of 20 pages done so far. If both this paper and my train ticket madness could just go away right now I'd be very happy.

Okay, that's my rant.


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