Friday, April 04, 2008


I'm in the interesting position, after keeping a livejournal for a few years that only friends read, of now having a public blog in the open that nobody reads. This is sure to change the content of my blogging, and probably for the better; that teen angst thing got old even before it started, but it stuck around for a few years nonetheless. Anyway, life is great!


I finished knitting Gretel a few days ago. I ended up making the slouchy version, since I wanted a hat that fit over my hair. So it's big. And huge. And beautiful. It certainly fits over my hair, but I don't know if I can pull off big berets with my head/face shape. I've been wearing it anyway, since unflattering clothing rarely stops me, and I love the beret regardless. Ysolda is a genius, clearly, blah blah gush gush. This was my second ever cable project, and my first using two circulars, and maybe some day I'll make myself a regular-sized one for dome-shaped-head fall fun. (details on ravelry)

Endpaper mitts are up next, despite the fact that they are not very suitable for the climate in which I reside. I'm in love with the idea of them, though, so they'll be my one impractical pattern of the spring. I can allow myself one, right? Anyway, these will be my first attempt at stranding - the swatch went okay, so I'm pretty excited.


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