Saturday, January 16, 2016

Baby FOs: Gidday and Zigging

Time for an FO round-up! First, the last FO of 2015.

 photo 8aeb58c8-be5d-4da5-b233-92f5e348ad69_zpsfmxumt3z.jpg

Pattern: Gidday Baby by Georgie Hallam

Yarn: Rico Design Essentials Cotton DK

Mods: Added more button holes, attempted to close YOs in yoke with knitting through back loop, though some of them still show.

Notes: Super cute, super quick knit. I enjoyed making this. I made the 3 month size, with an awareness that babies (like bigger folk) don't necessarily comply with size standards, so I hope it fits at some point in a relevant season. Cotton yarn was my choice because this baby is due in spring... but spring in a place that doesn't get particularly warm, so cardigans are useful year-round. And, surprise surprise: it's teal. My husband teases me about my love for teal and when he saw this he joked that this baby is going to be dressed exactly like me. So I told him I'd make something green and black to match him.

This next one is green on green, though. First FO of 2016!

 photo IMG_9206_zpshjlavmub.jpg

Pattern: Zigging by Sarah Ronchetti

Yarn: Easyknits Deeply Wicked and Old Maiden Aunt Merino Superwash 4 ply

Mods: Big ol' pom-pom!

 photo IMG_9207_zpsmqu8id9g.jpg

Notes: Not much to say about this one. Pretty quick, and got me back into the rhythm of colourwork since I haven't done any in a while. I have some colourwork things for myself I want to make soon, so I had better start them before my hands forget how to hold one colour in each hand.


  1. That hat is SO green, I love it!

  2. These are terrific baby finishes. My tween loves teal and it is a color that always catches my eye.

  3. The inside of the hat is sooo neat - it looks amazing!! :) x

  4. Pretty cardigan! I love teal as well. Cardigans are great layering options for babies. Love the green on green action going on in the hat. The pompom just adds to the cute factor.