Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Cinnamon Stone Shawl

The boringness of my stockinette cardigan was getting me down, so I started something new. (As one does.)

 photo IMG_8584_zpsraf4c5jt.jpg

This is the Cinnamon Stone Shawl by Verybusymonkey. I'm happy to say that this is something from my Stash Match Project that I started last year - sometimes I can stay on track!

The yarn is Old Maiden Aunt Superwash Merino 4 ply (aka my favourite yarn), in the Emerald City colourway. Cameras can't handle how green this yarn is, so I oversaturated the colour in an attempt to bring out the awesome greenness. It doesn't quite capture it, still. It is so green. It glows!

I'm at the stage where the rows are still short enough that they fly by, and I love watching the lace pattern develop.

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  1. What a lovely pattern, and green is my favourite colour. I've got some green yarn looking for a pattern so I'll check out the one you recommend. I've visiting from Stitch Along Wednesday.

  2. Ooh, off to the wizard we go!

  3. As always, I LOVE green and had the same trouble with my purple cardigan as you are having with reproducing your vivid green. My cardigan was a deep vivid purple but would reproduce as a blue! I still haven't worked out how to solve it. Your idea of processing the photo by saturating the colour is a good idea. I hope your glowing green makes you happy every time you view it. :-)