Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WIP: Crystalline Socks

I have a WIP to share!

These are Crystalline Socks by Cailyn Meyer. I cast on New Year's Day, according to Ravelry. They hibernated for a while since I needed the needles for a secret gift project. Now that the secret project is done (stay tuned), these are back on the needles.

 photo IMG_7079_zps3c4b87d9.jpg

I'm really excited about these socks. The stitch pattern is fun to knit - it holds my interest but isn't too complex, and I love watching it develop. It also feels like it goes very quickly. A great choice for variegated yarns, although I'm finding this yarn isn't as garishly variegated as I expected. The yarn is 75% wool / 25% nylon that I dyed using Wiltons icing colours a few years ago, so I'm glad I've finally found a project for it.

 photo IMG_7081_zps2335c822.jpg

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  1. Wow, they're awesome. I bet you will really enjoy wearing them.

  2. That yarn is so pretty! Love the colors.

  3. Beautiful yarn. Green is for spring!

  4. Gorgeous! Perfect yarn for that pattern. I have a pair like that, they were fun to knit.

  5. Wow wee! These are eye poppers! Love them.