Tuesday, July 16, 2013


It's not as warm out today as it was a few days ago, since Scotland's participation in the UK 'heatwave' was rather brief, but I am still enjoying a very magical iced coffee.

 photo IMG_6496_zpsf517bbf6.jpg

This is Magical coffee - cold-brewed coffee with cinnamon and brown sugar. My first time cold-brewing, but definitely not last. Delicious!

I did the whole thing in a cafetiere / French press, and the press seemed to do enough straining on its own. (We normally use a cafetiere for coffee, so all our coffee is coarsely ground.) I used less coffee - 3 coffee scoops (which I think are tablespoons), since I only used just over two cups of water. I also used less sugar - more like 2 tblsp, but next time I might use even less. I kept the cinnamon the same, because I love cinnamon. I used coffee ice cubes, since I made some the other day when it was rather warm and hadn't had a chance to try them yet.

Edited to add: the combination of cinnamon and sugar kind of gummed up the French press, so next time I might add the sugar afterwards. This wouldn't be an issue with straining, I guess.

 photo IMG_6497_zps8c9e2c8d.jpg

Oh, hello, by the way! I ATEN'T DED and all that.