Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stuff and things

I've been meaning to write about all sorts of things lately, and just never getting around to it for no apparent reason. I will get around to it, though. Later. In the mean time, I am knitting - progress on my Colo(u)r Affection was stalled for a while when I encountered some epic yarn barf. I say encountered, but really, it started out as slightly twisted yarn, and I made it a lot worse by ignoring it and pretending it would go away on its own.

 photo IMG_6278_zps7e93f464.jpg

All is now untangled, though I had to make several cuts in the yarn to do it. The good thing about knitting stripes is that I don't feel bad about having to join new yarn. The largest salvaged ball might see me through to the end of the project, though. We'll see.

 photo IMG_6210_zps8db76ec7.jpg

Also check out my awesome and delicious green smoothie. It's a bit chunky, but I don't mind. Smoothie above contains an apple, an orange, peanut butter, oats, ginger, spinach and water. It tasted very fresh. This seems like a good way to eat more green stuff - I love leafy greens in all sorts of forms, but somehow still don't eat enough of them, so why not try them in drinkable breakfast form? Mmmm probably the best smoothie in the world?


  1. i dont know that i could drink that green thing...

    argh no tangled yarn!!

    1. It didn't taste like spinach at all! (I do like spinach, though I don't know if I would like a spinach-flavoured drink, really.)

  2. Good to hear your shawl is back on yarn-barf-free track. Tangling definitely bites.

    And I think that smoothie in a beer glass is rather appropriate. :)

  3. Yarn barf is such a hassle! I had that w/Pashimina and had to untangle 300+ yards. Dunno how I was able to do that so I know what you went thru.
    I love green smoothies too! I make mine with an apple, a banana, 3 Mandarins, 2 handfuls of spinach, & 1 c plain yogurt.