Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sweater update

We are over halfway through November, and supposedly I'm going to finish a sweater by the end of it. Let's see how I'm doing.


I currently have a purple blob of stockinette. If you look closely you may be able to tell that it has arm holes. (Necessary things in a sweater). As of this writing, I've finished the waist decreases, and am chugging away towards the hip increases. I suppose I'm not quite halfway through the sweater, but now that I don't have all those sleeve stitches to deal with, rounds go fairly quickly. Hurray!

Both the yarn and pattern are enjoyable so far. New Lanark seems like a hardwearing yarn - it is very sturdy. Since the last thing I knit was with very sproingy merino, it took a little while for my hands to get used to the sturdy, strong feel of this yarn. That kind of slowed my progress a bit at first, since I had to take lots of breaks to let me hands recover. It's not actually that scratchy (though it's no malabrigo), but it does seem much less elastic than some wool yarns I've used. I'm still enamoured with the subtle shifting colours, which don't look anything like that completely unsubtle photograph. Even though I adjusted the white balance. Haha.

So. How are your November projects going?


  1. The purple color is gorgeous! You are making great progress. I have been thinking of knitting this pattern, too. It is a classic sweater but the shaping makes it modern looking. Good luck getting it finished by the end of November.

  2. You are farther along than me. :) But I am still determined!

    And I can actually see the subtle color shifts in the upper left-hand corner; it's very lovely.

  3. That is such a brilliant indigo to be working with. It almost looks like it's a bit heathered? Kudos to you for working on a garment. My lazy butt is avoiding that right now. My impatience needs faster gratification at the moment.
    One Xmas gift is tanked, grumble grumble. But my second mitt is almost done!

  4. Wow, is that New Lanark yarn?! It's such a gorgeous colour! I'll have to look out for it the next time I order from them. It's fantastic yarn, I made a jumper for the boyfriend about 3 years ago and there's barely a pill on it even after lots of wear! You're right, it's definitely not the softest yarn but it wears wonderfully.