Friday, November 04, 2011

WIP: more socks

I got the Sock Innovation book by Cookie A as a gift last Christmas, and thought it would be good to actually start on a project from it before this year's gift-giving festivals. Here's my Devon sock so far.


For this one I've broken out the dpns and gone for one at a time. I'd forgotten how quickly a single sock can knit up this way! Haha. It's a pretty fun pattern so far, and surprisingly intuitive. The pattern doesn't lend itself to Two-At-A-Time knitting, since it involves poaching some stitches from previous rounds, etc - plus I think I'd get pretty confused, but we'll see how I feel when it comes to starting sock #2.

I have to respectfully disagree with the book that this sock pattern is great for variegated yarns, though. This yarn was supposed to be semi-solid when I dyed it, but turned out more variegated, and now I fear it's a little too busy. I can't quite make up my mind about it, though, so I keep knitting... It probably doesn't help that pre-blocked lace looks pretty terrible most of the time.

ETA: these are socks for me, not presents with a looming deadline - sorry if that was unclear! I just wanted to use my Christmas present at least once before Christmas rolls around again :)


  1. I think it looks really good! Maybe once you wear it and the pattern stretches out, it won't look so busy? I think it's fine though. BTW, are any of the sock patterns in the book from the toe up?

  2. I think the yarn looks great with the pattern, and I would probably class that colour as semi-solid rather than variagated anyway. But if you really don't like it after you've finished both socks, you could always overdye it to make it more solid?

  3. I love the colours of the yarn, but I think you're right that pre-blocked it'll be hard to tell if it works with the pattern. Either way, I think it'll look fab when it's done.

  4. I was gifted that book earlier in the year and just want to say that if I were to make socks from it for xmas gifts... I think I would have to start in February! I can't wait to see these socks turn out- I think the color looks great.

  5. Well thank goodness they're not for xmas gifts! I may have had looming doubts about your sanity. Temporarily, though, only temporarily. ;)

  6. I really like the variegated yarn with the pattern. That color way is gorgeous, too. Enjoy knitting for yourself before the holiday madness hits!