Saturday, May 21, 2011

oh, interweave

I received the Interweave Knits Summer 2011 issue recently. This is the first I've received as part of a gift subscription. I wouldn't have subscribed for myself, since I tend to buy individual issues that appeal to me, but I'll see how a whole year of Interweave sits with me now.

I rarely find stuff I like in summer issues, since I'm a winter-weather knitter for the most part. However, since there are a few wool items and it is not entirely packed with tank tops, I thought there might be more for me. There are some interesting articles, so I'm not actually that disappointed with the thing, but I doubt I will end up knitting anything from this issue. Still...

Yanked from the Interweave website in flagrant defiance of copyright.
Sorry about that, guys!

I quite like the Dockside Cardigan, above, and it's even supposed to be wool. The sloppy, looseness of it makes me think I'd never use it, since I generally prefer more fitted garments.

The Cumulus Tee also intrigues me. I like the weird thing happening at the neckline / sleeves, and it looks comfy. If I didn't already have a billion other things queued up with a sense of immediacy, I'd consider making this. Maybe I will one day!


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