Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Let's knock that ranty-pants post out of sight, shall we?

Today is my 3rd Blogiversary. Huzzah! I don't think I will ever get over the awkwardness of that word, but anyway. Blogiversary. Technically, I started this blog in 2002 (it was called crudmonkey back then), but I didn't get any further than that, and let it languish for years until I regained interest in 2008. And the rest is history?

It is customary to do something fun on one's blogiversary, so I'm having my first give-away. Win a beautiful green Zauberball in the colourway "summer meadow."

A green Zauberball

Incidently, remember how I said my new spring mitts from last week aren't teal? This yarn isn't teal either, even though most of the photos turned out looking that way. Apparently I'm lousy at capturing emerald/forest greens. There's no sun today, which may have something to do with it. So don't be disappointed if you win and receive some decidedly not-teal yarn!

With some photoshopping... still not quite the right colours

To enter, leave a comment with a question for me and some way I can contact you (ravelry ID, email address, etc). Give-away closes at 11:59 pm (GMT) on March 21st. Good luck!


  1. Ooh, I'm first... Happy Blogiversary!! (nursenikkiknits on Rav)

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I agree, I dislike the awkwardness of that word too... goodgonegirl on ravelry or jasminescrafts(at)hotmail(dot)com

  3. My Question: What is your favorite part about blogging?

    Great giveaway and Happy Blogiversary!

    SillyLittleLady on Ravelry :D

  4. What an amazing color!! My question: what advice can you offer someone new to blogging?
    I am econnerd on Ravelry

  5. Happy blogiversary! The yarn is beautiful :) My question: what's your favorite thing to blog about? I am "katili" on Ravelry.

  6. Congrats on your bloggoversary!
    My question is: What inspired you to resume blogging?
    nightpaws on ravelry

  7. Congrats and happy blogiversary!! witchyknits on Rav.

  8. Happy blogaversary. My first visit to your blog. I've just joined the IBlog group on Ravelry. The Zauberball yarn is great! My question - which knitting blog (other than your own) do you most enjoy reading?!

  9. Happy Blogiversary! My question or questions are : How do you like living in the UK and how would you compare it to living in Canada?

  10. Yay!! Blogiversary! Congrats :D

    Question: What knitwear designs do you have in the works?

    juliannapiglet on Ravelry

  11. Happy Blogiversary! Ok, so for the question...what is your favorite type of fiber to knit with and why?

    Yarnina on Ravelry

  12. Happy Blogovarsary. My question is what is your favorite FO & why ?

    Raeknitsnwa on Raverly

  13. Happy Blogiversary!
    Beautiful yarn!
    My question: What's your favourite colour?

    Hege on Ravelry

  14. Happy blogiversary! My question is: Do you sometimes have difficulty finding something to blog about, or just finding motivation to blog, and how do you deal with it?

  15. Oh my god, I can't believe it's been that long! Remember your original site? With photos of grade 9? :* I still have a bunch of them that get transfered from hard drive to hard drive each time I upgrade my computer!

    And then the webcomic? It had socks in the title, and when I was lying in bed the other night I was thinking about it and the name came to me, but it's gone again!

    This is not an entry btw, I just wanted to join in the celebration! I follow your blogging religiously and with great jealousy (because I desperately want to go to the U.K. omg!)

    Much love!!!

  16. would love to be the lucky one :)
    my question: do you have a favorite online yarn store? and if yes: what is it called and why is it your favorite?
    knittingcat on ravelry

  17. My question: How do you make your blog posts interesting? I feel like mine are always boring.

    I'd love to win that yarn! :)

    E-Dreamer on Ravelry

  18. Happy Blogiversary! I'm a newcomer via Ravelry where I'm eriven :)

    My question is which knit/crochet designer do you find most inspiring? (whether you've knit their patterns or not)

  19. Congratulations! I hear good things about Zauberball. In fact, just yesterday I had a great project in mind for some. Damned if I can remember what it was though....

    I'm urbanizer on Ravelry.

  20. Congratulations, how do you manage to blog, knit and do all the other things life throws your way? Littlebitsheepish on Ravelry

  21. I heard the magic word, and the magic word is zauberball no no no, I mean blogiversary! Happy Blogiversary! Mmmm, Zauberball...

    OK, as for a question: If you were to be able to own (not necessarily knit yourself) a life-size animal of yarn, which animal would you choose. One thing to consider: you must imagine that you will have to keep this yarn animal model in your house/flat, so though you may happily choose an elephant/giraffe, what size animal d you think you would like to look at most and also be able to traverse on your way to the bathroom/front door, etc.

    Rav name: Eskimimi or you can find me on my blog :oD

  22. Wow - I got here just in time to be in with a chance :)

    My camera hates greens too which is a shame because I am loving green at the moment. Green green springy green!