Monday, February 08, 2010

Knit-a-thon v 2.0

This weekend there was another Librarians Without Borders knit-a-thon. Obviously I went, though I didn't raise as much money as last time around. There were knitters, crocheters and embroiderers - inclusive fibre arts bunch. It was lots of fun watching silly movies, knitting away, chatting, and ignoring the fact that we are all in graduate school swamped with work.


I brought My So-Called Scarf to work on, since I haven't touched it in a while. Nearing the end, now! Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend is a gorgeous, gorgeous yarn. This was Christmas present yarn: it's much more luxe than what I usually use.

On that note, I'm a bit scared of what I may be becoming. Over the last few months I've acquired quite a bit of yarn, and much of it is fancy stuff, or at least fancier than my normal. I wouldn't call myself a yarn snob: I am perfectly happy to use Patons Classic for hats and mittens, for example. (though it sounds pretty snobby to have said that at all.... er). Anyway, let's have a look:

-First use of Malabrigo - Cowl for my brother
-First use of DIC Smooshy - Ishbel
-First use of Manos - My So-Called Scarf
-bought Noro Kureyon (for Vortex)
-bought Sweet Paprika Messa di Voce (for Herbivore)
-received Noro Kureyon Sock (for Delicious Socks)

But no worries. While I'm enjoying this foray into the fancy, it's not really a sustainable habit for a jobless grad student, so rest assured my next yarn purchase will probably be an inexpensive work-horse yarn like Cascade 220. (I have actually never used Cascade 220, which is strange given the fact that I'm usually cheap. I fully intend to one day). There's also a lot of recycled second-hand sweater yarn in the future, I think.


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