Monday, January 25, 2010

numbering the queue

In a fit of organization yesterday, I went through my ravelry queue obsessively tagging, deleting, and rearranging. I'm a librarian - it's in my nature. Did you know Ravelry's queue-searching function does not support boolean operators? You can search for things tagged with multiple tags by putting each tag in the search box, but as far as I can tell you can't search for items with a particular tag and WITHOUT another tag. If I'm wrong about this, someone please let me know.

Here are the results, mostly for my own reference.

176 total items

80 items with free patterns
41 items whose patterns I have already bought in books, magazines, pdfs, etc.

31 scarves/shawls/shawlettes: 20 free, 5 already acquired
31 socks: 18 free, 9 already acquired
20 cardigans: 5 free, 6 already acquired
19 pullovers: 4 free, 6 already acquired
19 hats: 9 free, 5 already acquired
15 mittens and wrist/armwarmers: 3 free, 7 already acquired

Holy crap, I queue a lot of socks compared to the number I actually make. Maybe knitting more socks should be a priority. Note: socks are tied with scarves/shawls, but I have the scarf/shawl situation neatly in hand since I plan on making several as my next few projects.


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