Tuesday, November 24, 2009

skein fail

A skein of beautiful blue yarn. It's not just straight blue: there are hints of purple and green in their too.

It languished in my mom's stash for who knows how long until she gave it to me along with an eggplant purple skein of something similar. The only identifying feature is a torn label that reads "For the purpose of reordering" and lists colour number and dyelot, along with the attributiong "Produced by Cottage Craft Limited. St. Andrews, N.B."

Anyway, I've been excited to start using this yarn, but I'm having a lot of trouble winding it into a ball. First, the knot tying the skein together was felted together, then I found that the yarn is not a continuous strand.


(Please excuse the flashed out bed shot.)

Some strands longer than others, but so far not one that will see me through to the end, or even a significant portion. Boo! I'm hoping I'll find that one long strand soon enough, but for now I've lost the ends entirely and it will have to wait for tomorrow.


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