Friday, September 25, 2009

Thursday Word, Decimal, and New Hampshire

Dear me, it has been a busy week with no blogging. Excuses, excuses.

Having six eyes.

No idea when I'll get the chance to use this one in regular conversation, but I like it so there! This is one that I ought to have been able to figure out from the Latin roots, of course. But I'm a little rusty.

This past weekend I scooted down to New Hampshire for a cousin's wedding party. It certainly was not a carbon neutral trip, what with all the flying and driving, but it was great to go down there again. Beautiful!

There were mountains,



and festivities all around. It was a fun time, but rather chilly when night fell - hello knitwear weather!

On that note, I mostly finished Decimal on the way home, and all I need are buttons and blocking.

Bad webcam shot shows it is indeed quite small, but I'm counting on growth from cotton. My swatch turned out okay. Really. if it doesn't grow, it might still be wearable, just a little shorter and more open than I'd prefer. Here goes...


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