Saturday, April 18, 2009

Unpacking, packing, trains, and socks

I transported all my worldly possessions by train yesterday. It was exhausting. Moving is always difficult, and I always feel like I have too much stuff. Still, three boxes, a hiking pack, and a knapsack aren't so bad, right? In the process of packing I got rid of most of my pairs of pants that were on the edge or ill-fitting. I suspect a conscious decision to embrace minimalism would do me some good.

Excuse me while I join the ranks of knitting bloggers who make socks on trains.


I started some Jaywalkers as we pulled out of London, and by the time I got to Ottawa, I had a sizable amount of ankle done. I've been looking forward to starting them since I bought the yarn on my first/last foray to the London LYS. Now they are started just in time for me to pack them in my checked luggage on my flight to Italy tomorrow. But hey! There's a yarn shop down the street from our hotel in Milan.....

I took the pictures outside of Toronto by Lake Ontario.

The yarn is Regia, Kaffe Fassett line. I like the greens and blues, but I'm not so keen on the olive-y green browns - I've already chopped a length out so I wouldn't have another huge section of it. We'll see. I didn't think about the yarn much before I bought it, since I knew Jaywalkers are kind to stripes.

Italy! Tomorrow! Unbelievably excited to spend time with my favourite person in an exotic setting, and traipse around touristically being all unstylish and awed. Hurray!


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