Saturday, April 11, 2009

101 in 1001 update

It occurs to me that I have been slowly making progress on my 101 in 1001 list, but I haven't really been sharing it. As of right now, I've completed about 10% of my list, but that figure is misleading since far too many of the items of my list are partially complete. Something I may modify as time goes on: fewer list items that say "Do 30 of this!" I've been poking away at those, as well.

Here's what's done so far.

1. Get a temporary job (as of Sept 17 2008)
2. Write a novel (Nov 2008)
8. Reorganize my book shelves so that all my books fit without spilling onto the floor
11. Acquire a decent fountain pen (March 09, birthday gift)
13. Read Emma, by Jane Austen, all the way to the end
21. Get prints made of my favourite digital photos (Feb 09)
63. Move away from home (at least temporarily)
77. Wear a different pair of earrings every day for a month [started Sept 9, finished Oct 9, 2008]
79. Drag out the bike and do whatever maintenance needs doing (technically I didn't do this, but it got done... and I'll do it next time.)
86. Do my hair without braiding it every day for a month (Oct 10-Nov 10, 2008)

Looks a little pitiful, but here are the ones in progress:
31. Write in my paper journal weekly
35. Earn $5500
57. Knit 10 things for other people. [4/10] (Koolhaas, fuzzy scarf, Catawampus hat, Coronet)
65. Walk at least 30 minutes, at least 5 times a week
74. Go to 3 classical / orchestral / chamber music concerts [1/3] (Evelyn Glennie at NAC, Nov 26, 2008)
76. Be social with friends once a month
92. Cook from 30 new recipes [3/30]
a. Pepper Lime chicken, New Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (13.01.09)
b. Smashed chickpea salad/sandwich: Smitten Kitchen ( (30.03.09)
c. Kalamata lemon chicken, New Better Homes and Gardens cookbook (31.03.09)
97. Go to 3 jazz concerts [1/3]

So. I'm excited to say that the next thing I'll cross off the list is #53 - Visit Italy. Next week I'll land in Milan! Woo!

After that, maybe #75 - Get a haircut and donate my hair to a charity. My hair is long enough now that it's getting a little ridiculous, so maybe in May I'll get it chopped off.

In terms of the knitting goals, I've got a few things floating hazily on the horizon.
- Vivian this fall, for #5 - Knit an Aran(ish) cabled sweater.
- Little Birds to fulfill #9 - Steek something. I'm going to practice my stranded colourwork a little more before I attempt that, though.
- perhaps Delicious knee socks for #12 - Knit knee-high socks?

(I realize two of the above three plans are Ysolda designs. So sue me for being a fan.)


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