Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I did today

Took a long train ride, and then another.

Knit a lot, and finished Coronet

Mods: I did a hybrid of the Medium and Large sizes. Originally intended to knit a medium (22 in circumferance), but I didn't check my gauge, and the hat band ended up being too short with the stipulated cable repeats, so I kept going. I only knit up 8.5 inches before decreasing. My decreases looked rumply and terrible, but I think blocking on a balloon has evened them out somewhat. Modeled shot to come, maybe.

It's Patons Classic, my go-to cheap yarn for hats, apparently. I keep meaning to at least try Cascade 220, which I have so far never tried, despite the fact that I'm a miser and cringe at expense. Something for the future. Anyway, I think it will be fine because it likely won't get too much wear. One of these days I'll try some luxury fibre and maybe I'll never turn back?

I have a raw spot on my hand from knitting for so long, today. I did a little bit of reading on the train, but mostly knitting. The entire stockinette portion of coronet took shape on the train today, although I had finished the band before. It's good to get something finished for once! Now that I'm home, I'll try to acquire some more yarn to finish Tempting II, and I'll be rolling. That's right, I brought 3 knitting projects home with me for reading week. What about all that reading I'm supposed to be doing?


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