Saturday, August 02, 2008


More knitting distractions! I'll have you (whoever you are) know that I started writing my last essay of undergrad this morning even though I found out about the premiere issue of Twist Collective. Indeed. Shiny! What with the demise of Magknits and the establishment of Twist and Knotions, these are certainly exciting times. (Did I just say that? Whatever. I'm excited). In a few days I expect I'll do my gushing about Knotions, but right now...

I like the look of Empoisonnee
and I love Little Birds. (Of course. How could I not?)

Most of my picks are from the section called "Forest Fairies." I wonder what that says about me? I expect something about being more comfortable romping about the woods than at a cosmopolitan do. Is anyone surprised? Ha.

Anyway. Of this big gushing list of gush, I'm most likely to make Wisteria and Little Birds. I'm not very experienced with stranding yet, having only made the endpaper mitts, but once I feel more comfortable with it and want to tackle steeking, I will definitely knit this. I'll be making Liesl soon, for my Ysolda fix, in any case. Just need yarn.

Oh, and happy August!


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