Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I have returned

Two weeks in England were wonderful. Ahhh. Now that I'm home I have to get on with life and make sure everything works out fabulously, but I enjoyed relaxing and having fun adventures.

Went to London...

Took lots of flower pictures...

Enjoyed the Devon views...

And most importantly spent lots of time with my favourite person. Huzzah! My batteries are now recharged and I'm ready to get lots done between now and when I see him next, whenever that is.

The weather was mostly good - cooler than I'm used to for June, but very pleasant. There are a few more pictures on the Flickr if you're interested. I didn't bring my knitting along *gasp* so I haven't worked on my vest in two weeks, and I think I should get back into it quickly before I completely lose interest.

But Liesl is now for sale, so I'm very tempted to buy and start that right away. I need yarn, though, and I spent all my money in England. Trials and Tribulations.


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