Friday, May 09, 2008

Knit scavenging

Okay, so false alarm about the alpaca blend basement yarn. I kept knitting, and it no longer bothers me, so I'm going to stick with this Gilmore vest.


I am slowing making my way... I haven't knit anything flat in a long time.

Note the mismatched needles:

These needles were scavenged from second hand stores over the years, or dumped, partnerless, in my basement by a relative. Or something. In any case, they are the same size, so they work fine. They amuse me.

Mismatchedness, scavenging, reusing... I think these are features of my crafting style, if I have such a thing. I like working with found objects: I pick broken jewelry up off the ground with every intention to make something new out of it (I will someday, I swear). I use found basement needles and found basement yarn. Part of my love-hate relationship with the clutter of handicraft seems to mellow with found crafts, since at least I can use something that someone else might have thrown away. I'm not sure if it gets me anywhere; maybe the effect is purely psychological.

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  1. Another Hum alum! Ooh, we're everywhere.... :)

    I really look forward to seeing how the basement yarn turns out. Found yarn can be so rewarding, because when it works out, it's often quite a surprise!