Tuesday, May 27, 2008

back to old bad habits

I'm feeling the need to blog about nothing in particular since I'm once again writing essays. My summer course has vaguely kicked off and I hand in my first weekly paper tonight. "Evening" is such a non-specific deadline; I told myself it'd be done by 5, but perhaps I'll move that to 6. Ehhh. I find the material very interesting and it's totally different from all the stuff I spent this year doing that I hated, so yay! Somehow I feel like I want another few weeks off before school again. Alas.

The way I write essays or anything with a deadline is constant. I mean, I write and write until I have to hand it in or go to bed; usually the latter. Maybe it's good to constantly revise and redo, but sometimes I'm frustrated that nothing really ever gets finished. I mean, I finish it because I have to hand it in, but there's no definitive point when I know it is finished before then. Ah well.

I finished little pink sock #1, and it fits okay. Chugging away on the next one - will post pictures when they are both done.


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