Monday, April 28, 2008

spinning envy

This, more than anything else makes me want to take up spinning. How gorgeous. Some day I'll try spinning, and I'll knit awkward scarves out of my efforts. Sigh.

My aunt spins or has spun - she lives in the country with more dogs and cats than anyone dare count, and she has angora rabbits as well. She made my mom a really soft scarf made of samoyed-hair yarn years ago. So cool. Not only spinning, but spinning one's own gathered fibre.

I'm wearing my Endpaper mitts indoors at the end of April. It's a rainy day, but I like rain. I went out shopping earlier and didn't bring the mitts along, but as I was wearing a 3/4 sleeve shirt, I think they would have been useful. This will be the last opportunity before October, I expect, so I might as well wear them as much as possible now.

Zellers is my stop for cheap acrylic when life calls for cheap acrylic, and I picked some up for a mystery gift project today (don't know why I'm being so secretive as the recipient surely does not read this blog but anyway. Paranoia is a way of life). I restrained myself from picking up a load of cheap Bernat cotton. I want to make a shrug, most likely with cotton, but I had the sinking suspicion that buying it from Zellers was a recipe for disaster. Given that Ravelry says most use it for dishclothes I'm thinking I was right, but I'm still wavering on the Cottontots. Whatever. I don't want to be building stash, and I don't want to spend more money than I have to, but at some point I'll invest in some real yarn for a project.


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