Thursday, April 24, 2008

I take the same pictures every year

Photography. A habit that has persisted beyond and survived my adolescence. It's true, in my adolescence I dabbled in poetry, and we can all guess how that turned out. Slightly more successfully, I hope, I have continued to dabble in photography, taking cliche macro shots of flowers going on several years now! On my harddrive I have years worth of these photos, but every spring I go out and take them again, hopefully improving the angle or the focus or the composition... I don't look at those old photos often, so I can't really tell if I've improved, but it doesn't dampen my enthusiasm for exploring the outdoors and documenting the progress of the garden with a camera. Wow, I'm pretentious. Anyway. Spring is here and perhaps has already passed into summer, judging from the 20 C and above temperatures, so here is some evidence.





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